Under Construction

Hello and welcome to Ninety-Two Useless Thoughts, my name is James and I am the creator of this semi-professional opinion and article site. You’re seeing this post and the image above it because the site isn’t actually open yet as I’m still putting it together.

I’m trying to get it ready for around November/December time so please watch this space because the content posted here might interest you. At the moment I currently have several pages of content in mind, these include: Film Reviews, Articles, Tips for Life (like a useful Twitter feed) and of course, as the title suggest, a page for Random Thoughts.

So what’s a random though you say? Here’s an example of one: I hate it when I’m riding the bus home from college and I’m desperate for a shit, I sometimes wish that I could turn invisible, pull a curtain across, have a hole appear in the seat as well as a long drop below it, so that I can sit there without anybody knowing and just relieve myself, and then afterwords the toilet cleans me.” – Don’t tell me you’ve never had a weird thought like that because although you didn’t put anything real thought into it, I guarantee that at one point you did think “If only I could turn invisible and have this bus seat magically change into a toilet”.

Also, this site will contain sexual references (especially in the articles) as well as swearing.